Oahu, Hawaii (@ Aulani) Day 3

Well folks, you guessed it, more of the same for today—for Chris and Aly at least. I decided to splurge on a couple hours of peace and ahhhhhh, it was heavenly. I signed up for a 1 hour Lomi Lomi massage at the Lanawai Spa here at Aulani for this morning. I was instructed to get there one hour early to take advantage of some of the amenities, so after getting pool chairs saved for Chris and Aly, I headed over. I got a nice tour of the spa after I arrived and chose a stone to set the mood for the morning. I chose strength (or rather, it, as in the rock, chose me as I was told). Okay, so apparently it takes strength to spend some $$$ and book a treatment at the spa-haha!?! After I was shown to the locker room area and relaxation rooms, we went out to the Kula Wai Hydrotherapy gardens, where there are six different rainfall type shower heads, representing 6 different waterfalls in Hawaii, as well as 4 different small pools to sit in. One is air temp, another is slightly warmer, one is basically an ice bath, and lastly a hot tub. Yes, I did get in the 50 degree ice bath water, and after several minutes (okay, maybe it was only 1 minute), I jumped into the hot tub!

There is also a reflexology path to walk along (I had to be shown how to do this—I guess I wasn’t walking slowly enough!) and several loungers and cabanas to relax. The outdoor area was really lovely and amazingly quiet compared to the main pool area just a few minutes away. I could have stayed all day if not for Chris and Aly patiently waiting on me.

Then it was time for the main event, my massage. Let me say, it did not disappoint. It was essentially a deep tissue plus hot stone massage and was AMAZING. After one more quick go round under the waterfalls and in the hot tub, I went out to join/relieve Chris at the pool. Aly was excited to tell me about the FREE ukulele lessons we had signed her and Chris up for, though she was so excited to strum that ukulele she gave herself a blister!

After some Mickey shaped PB&J with guava jam for Aly, and an açaí bowl for me (they’re just so good!) we ran over to meet Duffy the Bear and then one of Aly’s faves, Daisy Duck (I think Aly loves her because she’s sassy too!)

Then back to the pool for more water slide/lazy river/swimming action. It’s no wonder she’s ready to crash as soon as we get back to the room each night.

Hanging out in the Grotto

We walked over to the next lagoon after a while, as Aly was hoping to see the monk seal, but it wasn’t on the beach today, so she spent some time splashing in the ocean while Chris and I relaxed onshore. Of course we had to get a Dole whip to take with us on our walk!

Aly wanted to continue the Menehune scavenger hunt we had started on the first night, so we grabbed a tablet and hit the trail. After a while, things started to repeat themselves, so we turned it in and realized we had done it all and received our prize!

Then Aly wanted to hit up the kids club for a bit, being that it was our last night here, so we dropped her off for play time and then walked down the beach to watch the sun set. After a quick shared dinner salad from Cafe Ulu, we went to the 18+ infinity hot tub overlooking the ocean. I have been wanting to get in this hot tub since we got to the resort! The view is beautiful, and the adults only makes it even nicer!

View from the upper adult infinity hot tub

We grabbed Aly from Aunty’s, and passed by Stitch in the character meet & greet, but Aly said she was ready to get to bed, so Chris took her up while I grabbed some last minute souvenirs. Tomorrow we are headed up to the North Shore to Turtle Bay Resort for a few days, so it will be interesting to see what that area is like compared to Aulani. I think we all really enjoyed our time here, and did exactly what we planned on, which was relaxing and enjoying some family time together. Until next time, Aulani!!

Sunset view from our balcony. We paid for Island Garden view to save some money, and still got lucky enough to see the ocean!

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