See Ya Real Soon!

Sea day 2. As we got closer to the mainland, the weather started to turn. So glad we chose yesterday to swim, because it was not swimming weather today. We did take advantage of a bit of sunshine in the morning, and ate breakfast out on the deck, but by the time we were done the wind was really picking up! Aly again destroyed some cheese omelette and pancakes, and I said so long to the Mickey waffles. 

With the weather being less than ideal today, we knew we would take advantage of some activities inside the ship. After breakfast, we grabbed our Frozen Uno deck that we remembered to bring and went to grab an open table in the French Quarter Lounge. They offer several drawing classes throughout the week on the Disney boats, and it’s a great time for all of us, even the less artistic type (meaning me), to feel like it’s possible. We have done some of the animation classes at Disneyland in the past, so Aly was really looking forward to learning some new characters as well. She and Chris had already learned Goofy earlier in the cruise, and this morning, we were learning to draw Ray the Firefly from the Princess and the Frog! I love how all of our drawings end up just a little different. Maybe someday my little artistic girl will do this professionally, and look back on these times as the beginning of her career 🙂

Aly went back to the Kid’s club (she was in mourning for the last day of her club time), and then we met back up for the end of our Uno game and lunch. We were all looking forward to watching the newest Maleficent movie in the big theater, as was everybody else! Luckily, we found 3 seats together, and Aly only covered her eyes one time, which felt like progress (our sweet girl is still scared of the animated villains, so this was a big step). Some final souvenir shopping completed, and then a little more club time for Aly and resting time for the big people before dinner. 

We were in Tiana’s Place for our last night on the cruise, and final night in this restaurant is a Mardi Gras party! They give everyone a few beads to wear, and they had the live music courtesy of the Crawfish Crooners again, who are really good!

We were all saving a little room for the beignets at the end of the meal, and the girls were all in L-O-V-E with the New Orleans staple, licking up the powdered sugar when they were done. They will bring you a small piece of cake and sing “Happy Birthday” to you if you are celebrating a birthday, so some of our table mates mentioned to Marvin, our head waiter, that my big day was very soon. They brought out cake, sang their hearts out, and even fashioned a giant napkin bow for me to wear. This was an occasion that hasn’t happened since I was much younger, and we all had fun singing and enjoying our last evening.

Aly and her newfound friends from dinner

After dinner, it was time for Aly to go to the Kid’s club, say goodbye to her friends and favorite cast members, and then we all went to the main Atrium Lobby for the farewell show. All of the characters, from Minnie, Mickey, and friends, to the performers from the shows, come out to say goodbye and take pictures one last time. It’s a nice way to say not goodbye, but “see ya real soon,” at the end of an amazing week.

Hook Hand and Anne Marie from the Disney Dreams show

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