Fort Worth, Texas

We decided to take advantage of some Frontier flight vouchers and make a quick weekend trip down to Fort Worth over Easter. The NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships were being held there, and the Rangers were also in town that weekend, so why not?!?

We did spend half of our time at the gymnastics sessions, which Aly enjoyed, though probably not as much as I did. She was excited when we got to our hotel one afternoon, and the LSU gymnastics team was walking out to go to the arena, and we found ourselves in the middle of the LSU pep rally!

Aly cheering at the gymnastics meet

Being that it was Easter weekend, I also looked for some activities for Aly, and lo and behold, there was a large Easter egg hunt at the Ft. Worth stockyards. We thought this would be a fun place to check out anyways, so we headed over along with the rest of Ft. Worth. It was crazy busy, and Aly was a little disappointed that it wasn’t actually a “hunt,” but she had fun picking up her allotment of eggs.

We spent some time hanging around the stockyards after it was over, wandering through the stores, sampling the original Dr. Pepper, and then Chris and Aly did a maze together.

On our last day in Fort Worth, we started off the morning by walking over to the Fort Worth Water Gardens. This is a really cool urban park environment with different types of water installations. Some are more calm, serene, and quiet, though of course, Aly’s favorite was the large area where you can walk down into the area of water cascading down the steps.

We were also able to catch a Rangers game on a beautiful spring day, in the last season at Globe Life Park in Arlington. Check another off the list! There was an indoor children’s play area here, but it was definitely not my favorite and was very loud inside. It was air-conditioned, so probably a plus in the summer months, but we didn’t spend too much time in there. The game was definitely exciting, and we saw a ton of home runs. We spent some time at a nearby park before catching our flight back home after a quick, fun weekend getaway!

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