Arrrrr, Matey!

Hi, Bahamas. Well, we saw the Bahamas from the ship. We have turned into those people. The people who have cruised enough, that we no longer even need to get off at every port, because we have been there, done that, and picked our faves. And Nassau is not one of them. We kind of chose this itinerary with the idea that we would not get off at every port, and enjoy the boat a little more than our last Disney cruise. So, we all slept in, had a late breakfast, and leisurely went about planning our day. Which was nice, because tonight is gonna be a late night. It’s Pirate Day!!!! Disney Cruise Lines does a pirate-themed evening on their cruises, where everyone dresses up in pirate gear, the characters are pirate-themed, there are pirate games, dancing, and the ultimate deck show at night, complete with FIREWORKS!!!! Yes, they shoot fireworks off the deck of the boat, in the middle of the ocean. Don’t worry people, they are biodegradable.

Getting in some lounge and reading time

So, our plan today was to get some pool time in. We spent quite a while at Goofy’s pool, and once the water slide opened just after lunch, we made some laps on that. There is no drop slide on the Wonder, but the Twist-n-Spout is also pretty fun. We also got to watch some Disney movies from the pool and hot tub, which is a fun experience.

The smaller kid’s pool, aqua lab (splash pad) for the youngest kids, and the Twist-n-Spout

There are so many fun activities on the Disney boats during the day, from crafts to trivia, Disney games, Disney movies (both on the pool deck and in the movie theater), themed games in the Kid’s Club, and of course, character meet and greets. Our plan today was to do some of the earlier meet and greets while most of the cruisers were still exploring the Bahamas. And, since it is Pirate Day, we had to get dressed up in our pirate gear and meet the special characters. Throughout the cruise, the characters don different outfits for different days (beachwear on Castaway Cay, sailor outfits, etc), so part of the fun is trying to get pictures with all the unique costumes. Today, the special characters were Captain Hook with Mr. Smee, Captain Jack Sparrow, Tinker Bell, Stitch, and of course, the fab five.

So much fun to see Stitch!
Well if Captain Hook is around, we definitely need Tink on our side 🙂
The whole family sporting their pirate gear with Hook and Smee

We also checked out a little bit of pirate trivia and games, and then went to the pirate themed dinner. The “show” during dinner tonight was that we all got to dance around the dining room with the waiters to pirate music 🙂 We did not go to the main show tonight, which was Frozen II playing in the big theater. Aly wanted to hit up the Kid’s Club with a few friends, and Chris and I wandered around the boat for a bit. 

Leaving Nassau, with the Atlantis Hotel visible

Then it was time for the main event, the Pirates in the Caribbean party! We jumped up to deck 10, so we could overlook the pool area on Deck 9 where the show was happening. There was dancing, bubbles, party music, and then the pirates came out and took over the show. It was dicey for a minute, but a special someone arrived to save the party and the fireworks show went off. Honestly, this party is pretty cool, and definitely something you won’t experience on another line. I highly recommend staying up for this one!

Pirates in the Caribbean Dance Party!

There is also a late night pirate buffet, complete with turkey legs, after the party, so we went to check it out. We grabbed a little fruit, some fajita roll-ups, and a taco for Chris, and went back to the room to get some rest for the big race tomorrow!

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